Lectureships, jury, talks

since 10/18 Chengdu University and CCAA, Chengdu, China
07-08/19 China Dunhuang International Design Week, Art Design Competition
02/25/20 Poznań International Fair, Arena Design, Posen, Poland
10/2021 International City Tourism Souvenir design competition, Macao


2020 Conch Awards, Bronze, AsianACS, South Korea
Selection International Frida Kahlo Prize, Milan, Italy
2019 Recognition Palm Art Award, Quedlinburg, Germany

Exhibitions (upcoming)

2021 Blue roof museum (online), Chengdu, China
2021 Jade Rooftop Gallery (online), Chengdu, China
07/19-08/08/21 Position, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg


2021 IOAF 2020, Editor: AsianACS, South Korea
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2020 Art universal, the great encyclopedia of international art, art now, Italy
International Prize Frida Kahlo, Editor: S. Russo, Art now, Italy
International contemporary art magazine, issue #2, publisher art now media, Italy
IOAF 2019, Editor: AsianACS, ISBN: 979-11-962409-3-6, South Korea
Under pressure, Kunstverein Walpoden, Mainz
2019 Edition, Heidritter Prints, Hamburg
Artists books for everything, Weserburg Museum, Bremen, ISBN: 978-3-946059-14-1
Dunhuang International Design Week 2019, Gansu, China