Imke Lohmann,
born 1976 in Göttingen (Germany), studied at Mainz University of applied sciences and has worked as designer in mixed media. In 2012, Lohmann graduated from the University of Fine arts of Hamburg under professors Anselm Reyle and Norbert Schwontkowski.

Lohmann explores structures and colour effects in abstract art inspired by landscapes, cultures and metropolises. Since a work stay at China Academy of Art Hangzhou, she has transferred various light elements into her paintings. During her creative urges, Lohmann experiments with classical and recycled materials: Surface textures from old magazines, colour tapes, glass, fabrics and scetches recreate tactile objects.

After some lectureships and since 2019, Lohmann has been working as an associate professor of Chengdu university and international CCAA, Chengdu, China. She is a member of Deutscher Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) and currently works in Asia & Germany.

Imke Lohmann